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Many pictures of Ethan Nicolas doing podcasts, working as a personal trainer, and speaking at events.



Book Cover of Grit to Grace, written by Ethan Nicolas. Ethan's fist is raised in solidarity.

Founder and leader of Fight Me On This, Ethan is more than just a personal trainer and motivational speaker - he's a mental-health super-advocate, entrepreneur, author, and father who is dedicated to helping others reach their goals and improve their lives.

Ethan Nicolas speaking at a rally in Edmonton, Alberta 2021.


Meet Ethan, a mental-health super-advocate, entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker, dedicated to helping others reach their goals and improve their lives.


Ethan Nicolas posing with Chantel Richard after she broke Canadian Women's Powerlifting records.

I started working with Ethan to get in better shape. I had gone to the gym before but had never used a personal trainer nor worked out with anything but machines or dumbells. Fast forward five years and at the age of 50 I’ll be competing at Regionals in Powerlifting and have qualified for Nationals! Both my physical and mental health have benefited from training with Ethan and he’s helping me become the best version of myself that I can be! Whatever your goals are, Ethan will help you attain them!

Chantal Richard

VP Marketing Mobile.ze

Headshot of Tigra-Lee Campbell, an activist and lead hiring manager.

For me, one of the important parts of Grit to Grace is representation. Not only do I relate to Ethan because of our experience with childhood trauma, I can relate to him because of our experience navigating society as racialized people. Men and racialized men will have the ability to relate to him on a level, that as a female, I can never understand. I feel like Grit to Grace is multifaceted, and people for many different walks of life will be able to relate to it in their own individual ways.

Tigra-Lee Campbell

Activist & Lead Hiring Manager

Headshot of Jesse Lipscombe, activist, public speaker, actor, executive producer, writer, and author of a book called Jars.

Seeing the growth in Ethan from the moment he walked into my fitness studio, as a new fitness trainer to the man he has become now is inspiring. Mental health advocacy, chasing dreams and motivating others are only a few reasons why I am proud to call him a friend. Very exciting to see the next chapters in his journey.

Jesse Lipscombe

Serial Entrepreneur

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