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Ethan Nicolas Headshot

Do it with your

whole ass!

Ethan Nicolas

(A quote heard regularly in any training session.)

Ethan Nicolas before and after body transformation photos

Ethan is a multi-faceted individual who wears many hats as a mental-health super-advocate, entrepreneur, author, father, and motivational speaker.


He is the owner of Fight Me On This, where he uses his passion to help people reach their goals and better their lives through training, speaking, and writing.


Ethan's clients have seen great success in both their physical and mental health, and by his dedication and relentless pursuit to help others, have been inspired to do what they can in their circles to do the same.

His speeches and workshops are mindset-altering, leaving the audience with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation.

Ethan's training sessions are transformative, focusing on both the physical and mental aspects of wellness. He creates personalized plans for each of his clients, helping them to achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves.

About the Book


Ethan's work extends beyond one-on-one training, speaking engagements, and consulting.

Ethan is also the author of "Grit to Grace". The book is a memoir and self-help guide that details his journey healing from childhood trauma and finding the grit to overcome obstacles and learn to give himself and others some grace in his life.

 The book is aimed at helping readers understand the impact of trauma on their lives and provides practical tools and strategies for healing and growth.

The book explores the intersectionality of mental health, race, and gender and how it relates to the author's personal journey.

Ethan's experiences have made this book a great case study for a newer area of psychological research; CPTSD (Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). A nuanced less understood cousin to the PTSD most are familiar with.

It is an inspiring and empowering read that helps readers tap into their own resilience and inner strength, and to see their own potential for growth and change.

Book Cover of Grit to Grace, written by Ethan Nicolas
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